North Shore Ocean, Something New!

I just got a chance to see the very first Northshore Ocean to come into the United States.

This is the smaller of the two models that will be produced.

There’s an innovative feature which is hard chine that vanishes about 2/3 of the way back toward the stern. A foredeck hatch that is watertight is another departure for North Shore.

While I couldn’t get it on the water today it should prove to be very forgiving and I’m going to guess that when heeled into a skidding turn that vanishing chine will help release the stern making this kayak very agile.

As to fit, for my 33″ waist & inseam with #11 feet and 23″ circ. thighs it was an excellent match out of the box.






2 thoughts on “North Shore Ocean, Something New!

  1. Marshall,

    She is definitely a beauty. I will check her out when I visit the shop. I will remember to call first.
    Thanks so much for the information and the photos — Sal


    • Hello Sal

      The Ocean is definitely an evolution from the North Shore Polar and then some novel twists to it. It’s a bit different than the kayaks we spoke of on the phone. Give a call when you’re stopping by and I can give you the tour of the Venture, P&H, Valley and North Shore kayak lines.

      See you on the water,

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