Kayak Eskimo Rolling Clinics – Winter 2015

Eskimo Rolling Highlights

Eskimo Rolling Highlights

Eskimo Rolling Clinic

Culinary Institute of America Student Recreation Center pool

Video Highlights of Eskimo Rolling with The River Connection



By appointment most Friday evenings 6pm-8pm

March 22nd, 2015

April 19th, 2015

Overcome the urge to wet exit in the event of a capsize, add to yourskill set and learn to roll your kayak in a controlled setting. Abomb-proof roll is a fundamental skill for the whitewater boater and a great confidence booster for the sea kayaker encountering rough water conditions.

Following the skill building approach, each participant will learn and practice proper wet exit techniques.  Types of rolls introduced will include the C-to-C and Sweep. The elements of each roll will be introduced and practiced in a progressive approach: the setup (getting into position to begin the roll); the support phase (using a paddle, hands or float for support on the water) and; the hip snap (bringing the boat underneath you to sit upright and completing the roll).

The goal is to develop a clear progression of steps so with practice will instill the muscle memory to execute this maneuver effortlessly.  This skill can be accomplished using a properly outfitted whitewater or sea kayak.

This is an intensive hands-on skills clinic with a maximum of 3 participants per 90 minute session. Please call ahead for additional instructions and clothing requirements, thanks.

Drop us a line for reservations and info as we limit the attendance to

3 participants in each clinic.  marshall@the-river-conneciton.com


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