8 thoughts on “Paddle Scabbard by North Water Paddle Sports

  1. OK, I’ll play the straight man. Why does Northwater now have two items that appear to serve the same purpose (Paddle Scabbard vs. Paddle Britches)? It appears that both will fit the average dwarf.

    • My best guess is twofold:
      1) The new Paddle Britches design keeps the $ the same as the old style, which were very labor intensive to sew.
      2) The new Paddle Scabbard keeps the old style attachment method but with a new style, some reflective properties and color to the item.
      My theory is it’s a test to see which proves more popular stylistically.

      My $.02. As you usually say, YMMV.


  2. Well, if Northwater is going for style points, the new Scabbard wins hands-down, but both models are much better looking and easier to mount than a pair of ABS drain pipes that I have seen on a number of kayaks. I have the original model and I’m of the opinion that Northwater’s Britches, or any variant thereof, are the neatest sea kayaking accessory that’s come down the pike in the last 5 years. Now if they would only reinforce them with Glycerin-Vibrafoam, but I digress.

  3. Glycerin-Vibrafoam is the new space-age material that makes everything lighter, faster, stronger and taste better, without increased expense! Seriously 😉

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