P&H 1m Sail System

P&H 1m Sail System

The Completed Sail System. Still need to finish a couple of tweaks and then on water for trials.

Aluminum Bracket using existing RDFs

Not positive on the best fore/aft position of the sail & stays so the bracket will allow the option of moving the Mast Foot Plate before drilling into the deck.


Closeup of the Forstay and Block


Closeup of the Mast Flexible Foot



Completed – Oblique View

P&H 1m Sail System - Sail Ready!

P&H 1m Sail System – Sail Ready!


A little more tweaking and installing the shroud cleats and I can put on the water and start to get the hang of this. In about 6 weeks I hope this’ll give me some extension of my energy competing in the Okumefest Watertribe UltraMarathon. 64 miles is a haul to do in one stretch. Class 1 can use sails, provided there’s wind. Always a catch.

As I get some on-water time I’ll post gps track and review on this blog so stay tuned.

April Fools Day – seemed appropriate to test out new gear. ‘Course the joke was on me as there was barely any wind, go figure. Quite the contrast to the roaring winds of the last day of March. So on this Bunny Slope outing I did manage to make use of the slightest breeze to good effect.


Yes I did put a couple of holes in my deck to anchor the aft stays and place the furled sail forward of my coaming when stowed. A slip knot w bungee keeps it all tidy.

As I only wanted to do two holes I found these cam adjust biners by Nite-ize. Makes for a slightly different movement sequence on the uphaul of the mast but they seem effective and by adding an anchor line with some prusik knot attachments no holes are needed. Happy with it so far.


Now to try this again with more wind. Once I do I’ll provide a speed comparison with gps.

2 thoughts on “P&H 1m Sail System

  1. interesting set up for the Flat Earth sail. One question: how well does the mast angle fair when there is a decent breeze on the beam. That shock cord I see on the uphaul must make the mast a bit loose, since you use only tow back/side stays. It is unusual to see that set up as most Flat Earth are rigged with tow side stays and a back stay.
    I am one of the few that favors the style that you have however I found the shock cord not working for me.
    I would be interested in your experience

    • If tiu look at the bideo clips from my Okoumefest UltraMarathon you’ll see a later evilution of the mast plate and that the uphaul shock cord has gone away. I just found it to give the mast a spongy feel with thw now 4 point system rather than the theee. As to beam winds, its not as effective as a down wind situaton but the sail cloth connecting to the boom shroud works as a scoop transferring some of that side pushing wind power forwars to the mast as the boom tends to sit slightly off of centered. It can be a little fatiguing on the hips if on a long crossi g but its faster than paddle power alone.

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