The River Connection Kokatat Cold Water Workshop

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October 19th, 2013 10am – 1pm

The River Connection & Kokatat Cold-Water Immersion Clinic is a complete look at cold-water effects and preparedness. Kokatat Paddle Clothing Guru – Tom Harsh will discuss the effects of cold water, including hypothermia, then present clothing options to deal with the risks. The discussion will include layering, wetsuits vs. drysuits, and ways of handling cold hands, feet, and heads. We will have samples of many clothing types to feel and try on. We will also discuss how metabolism affects the way our bodies handle cold, and the effects of insufficient food or water on the body’s ability to tolerate the cold.

But wait, this isn’t just a dry class setting (pun of course) we will then get to try out cold-water clothing of choice (Kokatat drysuits will be available at no charge) and spend the afternoon getting wet in the controlled setting of our harbor at the Hyde Park Landing. Wear long underwear and wool socks. Bring watershoes, a towel and a change of clothes.


Attendees looking to extend their paddling season with immersion wear will enjoy great savings of 20% on all dry suits & immersion gear, base layers, foot wear, gloves, hats, life jackets and sprayskirts.

Drop me a line or give a call with what your gear needs are and I can let you know what our immersion wear manufacturers have that would fit.


Hmmm, this in the local paper. Perhaps the kayaker should have invested in an ounce or two of prevention.

I’d recommend;



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