Connected Outdoors

SPOT & Apps Connecting the Outdoors

SPOT & Apps Connecting the Outdoors

An article in the Poughkeepsie Journal newspaper from yesterday.  While I prefer paddlers to Like Us in Person here at the Showroom it’s something to ponder for its benefits and distractions.

“Marshall Seddon is a regular participant on, an online forum for the paddlesport community.

“People are sharing their experience, looking for paddle partners, listing gear for sale, looking for solutions to their (situations); it’s a pretty active forum of which I am a frequent contributor,” said Seddon, owner of The River Connection in Hyde Park, a year-round resource for paddlesports, including equipment, instruction and more.

He also connects with fellow paddlers through­ers; his blog,; and his company website, But that’s not all. Seddon also uses an on-board Spot GPS tracking device during competitive races to provide his friends and family with intermittent email or text alerts that show his boat’s GPS coordinates plus a link to Google Maps that pinpoints his location.

“I like it,” said Seddon, particularly of his blog and website. “I find it’s a good personal method of connecting with people and putting an online voice — a personality —that people can go to and match with The River Connection business.”

According to The Outdoor Foundation’s Outdoor Nation Special Report: Technology and Social Media, outdoorsmen and women find social media makes it easier to plan activities and access news.

The report also showed cellphones can make the outdoors more enjoyable through enhanced GPS, beacon and mapping technologies, image recognition, improved image quality, solar power, waterproofing and weather forecasting.”

Full Article Here

2 thoughts on “Connected Outdoors

  1. Great little device. I have used one myself for years now and have enjoyed its accompaniment on many a different adventure taken. Family, friends & supporters love following along with said outings, all while having piece of mind throughout my extended periods of time whilst away without having the opportunity to properly maintain contact with them.

    • Indeed. Double thumbs up from me as well. (expeditionary race group) requires its use and incorporates the tracking into their online reporting of events. Stay tuned for an upcoming trek this week and a long one in NC on 10/9-10/16.

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