Lincoln Kayak – Carbon Fiber Schoodic in Winter

Wanna see a pretty kayak?


The Schoodic is as unique and beautiful as the peninsula after which it is named.

The Schoodic is a great fit for smaller paddlers looking for a highly efficient kayak that is also incredibly lightweight and playful on the water.

You are sure to be the envy of many in this gorgeous Lincoln. It’s strong, fast, and responsive in all of the conditions you’ll meet in Downeast Maine and beyond.

Picture yourself setting off for the day with your destination many miles away. You’ll glide through the coastal waters with ease while looking fantastic along the journey.  Characterized by strong tracking underway on an even keel but with nimbleness heeled on edge for tight quarter maneuvering.  The fit is suprisingly generous for a range of paddlers sizes within the recommended weight range. The Schoodic is a kayak to be both enjoyed and admired.

Proudly made in the USA.



Length:   16’

Beam:     22.5″

Cockpit:   16″ x 30.5″

Depth:     9.75”

Hull shape: Fishform

Hull design: Pronounced V

Fiberglass/Kevlar weight: 42 pounds      $3400

Kevlar weight: 38 pounds                          $3800

Carbon weight: 36 pounds                        $4400

Capacity: 170 pounds



Keel Strip                                   $250

Rudder                                        $350

Clear Coat Gel Coat                  $100

Custom Color Mix (Stock)       $150

Custom Color (Non-Stock)     $500


18 thoughts on “Lincoln Kayak – Carbon Fiber Schoodic in Winter

  1. Have a Samba and a Skylark. I’m clearly into S-boats, so a Schoodic would fit right in. But I do think you should paddle it for several hours and report back on that fiberglass seat.

    • Works as comfortably as the plastic seats by P&H. Only two quirks is that depending on material of your paddling shorts (Kokatat Surfskins I found this on) the seat can be slippy when heeled up on edge. Board shorts = no slippage. A Padz self stick mini cell foam butt pad takes care of that fast. To better brace for rolling, Lincoln is including foam hip blocks that Velcro into place. Not shown on the Schoodic.

      • FYI,
        I recently got an Isle Au Haute with the new designed fiberglass seat – VERY comfortable.
        I have a few ‘yaks, and have preferred the foam seat (a Sterling boat with one, replaced EPIC 18x with foam seat). Marc convinced me to go with the new seat. Great choice.
        My long paddles are upward of 50 miles – the seat is wonderfull.
        Jacksonville, FL

      • Hi Andy,

        Thanks for writing in. The Lincoln sculpted seat is extremely comfortable! I’ve had Marc add some foam hip blocks for better contact when heeling the Isle over on edge turns and for rolling. Makes for more solid contact.

        50+ mile paddles? I envy your latitude. -10 this morning and long smooth stretches of 17″ thick ice on the Hudson. You training for the Watertribe Everglades Challenge?

        See you on the water,

  2. No, not up for the tribe challenge, I like to paddle – but not a competitor, though I greatly admire you folk – I will be watching (from afar).

    Best of Luck – though, as I’m writing this (Fri, 3/6), you guys are already ‘dipping’ your toes in the water down there – getting ready for your ‘marathon’ paddle.


    • The all black Schoodic is carbon fiber with a clear gel coat finish (+$100). When spec’ing a kayak you are the artist and can choose deck, hull, seam, seat and coaming colors. The foot braces are SeaDog/SeaLect foot braces. The glassed in solar charging array is Brunton. The beverage temperature control day hatch is Subzero. The cockpit seat heater is Raytheon. The anti-grav unobtainum portage assembly is by Spacely Sprockets.

      Happy April 1st!

  3. Hmm. That would be a contemplative question. Needs a more serene environment to ponder than my current one. So I’ll go with the statement that I like and use SeaDog braces.

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