Lincoln Kayaks Chebeague LV.

At 32lbs this all carbon fiber 14.5′ Chebeague LV will soon be cruising the Hudson!

Chebeague LV Profile

Lincoln Kayaks Chebeague LV 

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Chebeague LV

At 14′ 6″ and hosting a tighter cockpit than the standard Chebeague. The bar has been raised with this fantastic addition to the Lincoln Family. The Low Volume version of Lincoln’s most popular kayak has it all. The Chebeague LV offers the same excellent tracking and responsive handling you’ll find in the Quoddy Light but with a couple extra feet making it a little more equipped for moderate seas (should you encounter them) and giving you added capacity for a little extra gear.


Length: 14′ 6″
Beam: 24″
Cockpit: 16″ x 30.5″
Depth: 12″
Hull shape: Asymmetrical
Hull design: Shallow V

Fiberglass/Kevlar wt.: 37 lbs.
Kevlar weight: 34 lbs.
Carbon weight: 32 lbs.      Shown
Paddler Capacity: 220 pounds


Keel Strip
Clear Coat Gel Coat
Custom Color Mix (Stock)
Custom Color (Non-Stock)

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