Lincoln Kayaks Isle au Haut

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The Isle au Haut is a new model of sea kayak from Lincoln Kayaks of Amesbury, MA.

The following is a video overview of the features and design of the Isle.

Being that the ice was off the Hudson ………

On-Water with Lincoln Isle au Haut

Test Drive

Outbound leg of 1 mile paddle against 0.38kt (.44mph) current
Date: Apr 2, 2015 8:59 am
Map: (valid until Sep 29, 2015)
Distance:1.01 miles
Elapsed Time:13:56.9
Avg Speed:4.4 mph
Max Speed:5.4 mph
Avg Pace: 13′ 45″ per mile

Return leg traveling with 0.6kt (.69 mph)
Date: Apr 2, 2015 9:13 am
Map: (valid until Sep 29, 2015)
Distance: 0.92 miles
Elapsed Time: 09:16.1
Avg Speed: 6.0 mph
Max Speed: 9.6 mph
Avg Pace: 10′ 01″ per mile


Length: 17′ 2″
Beam: 22.5″
Cockpit: 16″ x 30.5″ Inside Opening
Depth: 10.75″
Hull shape: Fish form
Hull design: Pronounced V
Composite weight: 44 pounds (20 kg)           $3900
Carbon weight: 38 pounds (17.2 kg)               $4900
Paddler capacity: 190 pounds – Optimal


Keel Strip                                   $250
Rudder                                        $350
Clear Coat Gel Coat                  $100
Custom Color Mix (Stock)       $150
Custom Color (Non-Stock)      $500
Deck Compass Installation      $200

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