Kokatat Radius Drysuit

Kokatat Radius Drysuit

                                   Kokatat Radius Drysuit

Marshall’s Video Review     

Taking the Switch Zip entry system from the Kokatat Idol Drysuit, the Radius becomes the new feature laden suit for sea kayakers that’s easy to get into and out of.

So I’ve had some feedback about my pallor during the video. I have a 15.5″ neck and as the gasket is new, unstretched and untrimmed, I get a bit red in the face through the video.  Being that the suit being modeled is available for purchase I didn’t want to adjust the neck gasket for whomever might buy it. Just goes to show show that coffee levels are more important than blood flow. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Kokatat Radius Drysuit

  1. I know nothing about drysuits, but that one seems to have some nice features when compared to the only drysuit I’ve seen in real time (on my L2 instructor). I like the Ninja option. Gotta admit that zipper and knob thing made me think of a chastity belt. Looks like a bit of a challenge.

    Just blue and boring “leaf green” for the gals? No bright colors?

    • The zipper closes quite easily but you need to take your time initially threading the teeth into the zipper head. Once that’s in, the rest is a breeze. Oh, tighten the Switch-Zip knob till it won’t go any further. Tight is perfect, loose is leaky.

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