A fix for thermoformed kayak hull that’s holed.

Thermoformed and Rotomolded plastics are tough but dragging across asphalt, enough times, and abrasion will win out.


Too many drags across Asphalt and your kayak will have a new water intake.


Abraded hole cleaned and enlarged to allow for work. Tool = Dremmel with a cyndrilical burr.


A section of fiberglass cloth coated with JB Weld epoxy has been laid on the inside with the use of a metal slat to reach back to the stern and allowed to cure. Work area is masked off to prevent overruns of epoxy.


Epoxy putty at ends of work area keep the JB Weld epoxy fill contained in the work space.


Masking and putty ends removed.


Filed and sanded smooth.


Finished with KeelEazy thermoformed tape as trim and keel protection.

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