Stellar Pro Wing Full Carbon Fiber Adjustable Paddle

Stellar Pro-Wing 205cm-215cm = First Impressions.

The first trial of a new piece of equipment probably shouldn’t be a race. Well, that’s the way it worked at the 2019 HACK Race

9 miles of “Marshall, meet your new paddle” went surprisingly well. Comparing this to my old no-name no-longer produced wing there were a couple of characteristics that really stood out.

  • Weight = wonderfully light!
  • Shaft = the entire shaft is lightly sanded so it moves easily but when gripped allows a solid positive hold in your hands without slippage. Especially nice at the end of a race when tired.
  • Catch = in the water, Smoooooth! Once immersed it has an even solid feel during the power phase that I can only describe as Smoooooth! Come by to try one on the water and you’ll understand.
  • Cadence = after three miles I shortened the run in the water so I was applying power in a short pulse and beginning the exit phase of the stroke earlier so by the time the blade was mid-thigh it was already out and heading to the sky. This made for a quicker stroke and my gps indicated my pace quickened 30 seconds.
  • Ammenities = comes with a neoprene sleeve to cover over the ferrule lever to prevent any possibility of it snagging. Nice! Also comes in it’s own padded paddle bag. Also Nice!

Come by if you want to try one out and take one home or visit online at:

The River Connection Online Store : Stellar Pro Wing 205cm-215cm


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