Gear to Gawk at! P&H Cetus MV Special Edition

Gear to Gawk At

Kayaks & Gear! What better way to while away lockdown? We do deliver to curbside.

P&H Cetus MV Infusion Carbon/Kevlar with extra carbon beneath clear coat for all black finish and metal flake deck. Photography doesn’t do the sparkle justice. Glasses in foot braces do no bolts through hull and carbon fiber seat. The later was a smart place to cut a pound out of the weight compared to the regular abs seat pan.


Length: 17′ 9″ Width:21.5″

Internal Cockpit Length: 31.5″ Internal Cockpit Width: 16.25″


Total Volume: 87.7gal., Front Hatch: 16.2Gal., Day Hatch: 7.9Gal., Rear Hatch: 18.8Gal., Mini Hatch: 1.3Gal.


Superior Infused Carbon Kevlar 41lbs.

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