Gear to Gawk at! Stellar S18S-Expedition

Fast cruising long distance kayak touring and camping with no cockpit, perfect!

The S18S makes for a fast glide at an 18’ length with most of that being wetted providing lots of glide with just a 20” beam like a Fast Sea Kayak class hull. These dimensions have created a whole new class in racing of a more approachable and potentially versatile surfski.

Mfg. Description:

The S18S EXP is our original S18S G2 renamed to place it in our offering as an “Expedition Ski.” The new redesigned Stellar S18S hull has increased its speed by increasing the size of the cut-aways and narrowing the bow sections. The rocker profile has been tweaked along with the trim to optimize the ski for efficient paddling and catching waves. All done without losing any stability and staying within USCA fast sea kayaks regulations. The DeBrito bailer makes for dry starts, paddles and rapid water removal, carbon handles at each end and a large oval hatch in the stern. Under-stern/over-stern fittings, side handles, water bottle holder, leash attachment and deck bungees still come standard. Making this a boat you need to put in your fleet.

Beam: 20.2″ / 51.2cm

Length: 18′ / 5.5m

Depth: 13.3″ / 33.7cm

Paddler: 5′-6’6″ / 1.5-2m

Capacity: 285 lbs / 130kg

Bow Storage: 10.3 Gal / 39 L

Stern Storage: 23.7 Gal / 89.6 L

Weight Advantage: 36lbs

Weight Multsport: 35lbs.

Weight Excel: 29lbs.

Weight Alpha: 28lbs.

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