Gear to Gawk At – Stellar SEI Surfski

Coming from having paddled a Fenn Mako 6 for a few years as a work out vessel training for sea kayak class racing as it would take constant focus and chop was always a challenge.

The SEI is smoooooooth! No more bucking bronco. Cross chop is just taken by the boat and ignored allowing me to keep paddling rather than breaking cadence with low braces.


The Stellar Elite Intermediate (SEI) Surf Ski provides Intermediate paddlers with an all condition boat that has high top-end speeds as well as great stability in rough conditions. Derived from the Stellar Elite Surf Skis, the SEI is also an excellent choice for experienced paddlers looking to refine their technique in heavy seas without losing speed. Other features of the SEI include a narrow catch, low volume footwell and a comfortable seat with a slight curve on the back side. We expect the SEI to set a new standard in the Intermediate surf ski class for speed and stability.

Length: 20′ / 6.1 m

Beam: 18.1″ / 46 cm

Depth: 13.4″ / 34.1 cm

Capacity: 285 lbs / 130kg

Paddler: 5’5″-6’6″ / 1.65-2m

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