Stellar Covers – Surfski & Kayak

Hi Stellar Paddlers!

I just got a note from Stellar Kayaks & Surskis that they have some left over nylon boat covers that they want to find homes for.

These custom fit covers are great for travel and storage and are regularly $120.00

The Special on these makes each cover just $80.

Let me know if you want one, or more. There are only one to three available of each color/size so I don’t expect them to last long. I can ship them to you from The River Connection if you don’t have plans to be in the area.

The photos are of surfski covers. Kayaks will be similar but tailored to the shape of your specific kayak.

Flouro Pink, Flouro Orange, Gray, Flouro Red

Flouro Green

Flouro Green

Flouro Orange, Flouro Green

Flouro Pink, Flouro Orange, Flouro Green, Gray

Flouro Green


See you on the water,

Marshall Seddon

The River Connection, Inc.

9 W. Market St.

Hyde Park, NY. 12538

845-229-0595 main


19 thoughts on “Stellar Covers – Surfski & Kayak

  1. Perfect, The flat rate boxes are life savers for us if they fit. Guessing you have my email.
    Glad I ran into this.

  2. Aloha Marshall,
    I know this is an old thread. Wondering if there are any more of these covers hanging g around d for the S14. If not, suggestions?

  3. Ok, thanks for checking.
    What price are they at? Are they still offering a deal? I may take 3. The one that gets used most pretty much deteriorated due to our climate. Otherwise, they are decent light weight cover. Otherwise, what is your suggestion for a heavier cover?
    Thank you Marshall.

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