Name that Kayak – for prizes!

Today’s installment of

Name That Kayak!

Name 4 models of Stellar Kayaks in the trailer and win a Swiss-Tek 19-in-1 Multitool. USA Mailing addresses only.

One play per participant. Winner to be declared by whomever named four correct models on the Trailer first. Participants on IG, FB and Blog so don’t delay! 😁

6 thoughts on “Name that Kayak – for prizes!

  1. How about Top two yaks are S15LV, Middle are S18(green) S14(yellow), bottomone is an ST21, maybe two of them. And just for fun I think the one in the black cover is an SI18

    • The winner, after conferring with Stellar, based purely on originality of names put his winnings back into the pool so next go-round it’ll be a double value prize. Rather like mega-millions but not quite that grand.

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