Gear to Gawk At – Stellar Kayaks Intrepid

Gear to Gawk At

Stellar Kayaks Intrepid – Advantage Construction just 44lbs.!

The look to a British sea kayak may be recognize able but the construction is all Stellar and at a price of $3295 it comes in far more economically than its Brit counterpart.

I find that it suits a heavier paddler (190-230lbs) better than lighter. At 17’11” it’s a Fast ride capable and fun in varied conditions.

Mfg. Description:

The Stellar Intrepid 18′ (SI18) Sea Kayak, a very capable and more traditional hull design. Hard chines, a defined keel and a retractable skeg provide excellent handling in the Rock-Gardens or longer adventures. With 3 sealed storage compartments, a small day hatch in front of the cockpit and deck rigging, the SI18 provides plenty of storage options and accessibility. A molded seat pad and thigh brace provide comfort and stability when it gets rough.


Length: 17’/ 5.5 m
Beam:  21.3’/ 54 cm
Depth: 13.4″ / 34 cm
Paddler: 5′ – 6′ 6″ / 1.5m-2m

    My recommendationis 5’10″+
  • Capacity: 320 lbs / 145kg
    Cockpit W: 17.3″
    Cockpit L: 31.9″
    Bow Storage: 15.2 Gal
    Stern Storage: 33.3 Gal
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