Fleet model P&H Kayaks for Sale

Demo Model Rehoming Time

Don’t let these P&H Sea Kayaks kayaks spend the holidays in a cold and dark boathouse. Instead, give them a good paddling.

$1599 reg. $2099 Virgo LV Turquoise

$1799 reg. $2099 Virgo MV Fuego
(optional sail +$300 reg.$450) 1 hour use on the kayak

$1949 reg. $2599 Scorpio LV Turquoise

$2099 reg. $2599 Scorpio MV Turquoise
(2 hours use on this kayak)

$1949 reg. $2599 Scorpio HV Turquoise

Regional shipping available
Visitation and test paddles by appointment at;

The River Connection, Inc.
9 W. Market St.
Hyde Park, NY. 12538
845-229-0595 main
845-242-4731 mobile

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